"we bring our passion for cars to paper"

Let us introduce ourselves...

ELet us introduce ourselves, we are Car On Paper. Founded by two friends with an obsession for cars. Our passion brought us on our journey to find our favorite cars as a sketch on canvas or poster. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. This made us decide to make the sketch ourselves using a computer program.

And so the sketching begun.

And so, we started to sketch a Porsche GT3 RS. After hours of work, we were very pleased with the result and decided to print the sketch on both paper as canvas. Both turned out great, so reckoned a lot of our friends and family members. We even got requests from multiple people to sell them the print on canvas and poster. Besides that, they came up with a lot of suggestions for new sketches. This gave us the idea to offer our creations on a webshop.

About our sketches.

We make all our sketches by ourselves and are constantly working on new sketches of our favorite cars. You can expect to find new sketches in our shop every now and then. Find our assortment of car sketches here. We care about our costumers and are always interested about their ideas. Let us know your ideas by emailing us at info@caronpaper.com.